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String Pieced Dog Bandana Variations
dog bandana pattern

Charlie wearing the smaller, scarf-collar bandana.

© Janet Wickell

Make a Collar-Like Bandana

I wanted to see how a smaller, collar-like bandana would look on Charlie, so I made a few variations to the remaining triangle before I clipped its seams and cut a lining fabric.

To make this little bandana, I folded the triangle in half, matching the tips of its long ends. Then I used sharp scissors to cut a curve in the bandana, removing the "V" shaped end. I made a couple of cuts, then tried it around Mr. wiggle-boy's neck, before coming up with what I thought was the "best" size.

From that point, assembly is the same. No fold is necessary at the top of the collar.

Experimentation is the key to making these little dog bandanas and the ragged edges make customization a breeze. Don't be afraid to use your scissors to whack off areas that don't seem to fit just right.

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