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String Pieced Dog Bandana


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Cut the Dog Bandanas
dog bandana pattern

Cut the string pieced square in half diagonally.

© Janet Wickell

Cut a Square from String Pieced Fabric

Press the fabric with a hot iron. We don't usually tug on our quilting units, but this is an exception. Use steam and a bit of pressure to make sure all loft hidden in seams is fully pressed. You'll probably need to press seam allowances to one side.

Use your rotary cutting equipment to cut a square from the string pieced fabric. The square's size was determined on Page 2. Cut the square in half once diagonally to make two triangular bandanas.

Fit one of the triangles around the dog's neck. There should be plenty of overlap for attaching a Velcro closure. Fold the bandana back a bit along the long edge to make a narrow collar and fit it again. Does that look better? If it does, you can create a collar later.

This isn't rocket science, so feel free to take your scissors or rotary cutter to the triangle to make it a better fit along the dog's neck or back.

Clip the Seam Allowances

Use special rag quilt scissors (or any sharp shears) to make a series of cuts straight into the seam allowances, taking care to stop before you reach a seam. Make a cut about every 1/4". Be careful not to cut away chunks of fabric at angled ends where strips are pieced together.

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