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String Pieced Dog Bandana


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Intro to the Ragged Edge Bandana
dog bandana pattern

Charlie, wearing one version of the ragged edge dog bandana.

© Janet Wickell
Meet Charlie, our little Brussels Griffon, modeling one version of the ragged edge dog bandana (in a pre-grooming state, I should add). He wasn't thrilled about being photographed looking so unkempt, but it's a bit hard to pin him down for grooming -- Charlie doesn't sit still much unless he's at your feet racked out after a day of running and jumping.

Charlie's one of three dogs in a house ruled by cats, who constantly roll their eyes at his shenanigans. A few of them like him, but they'll never admit that. The cats are no doubt glad he's around though, to wear stuff like this when mom needs a model.

Rag quilts were the inspiration for this string pieced dog bandana. It's made from long strips of flannel sewn wrong sides together, then cut apart and manipulated to make two different bandanas.

The bandana on this page is in the typical "V" configuration, but my favorite for Charlie, since he's pretty little, is the smaller bandana on Page 5.

Bandana Making Supplies

Fabric yardage varies depending on the size of the dog. See Page 2.

  • Long strips of flannel or other cotton fabric in varying widths. I used 1-1/4" - 1-3/4" strips, but Charlie's pretty little. Cut wider strips for large dogs. (See note about seam allowances on page 2)

  • Lining fabric.

  • A few inches of Velcro

  • Scissors made for clipping the seams of rag quilts -- or any pair of sharp scissors.

  • Sewing machine, sewing thread, straight pins and your other regular sewing equipment.

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