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Learn How to Make Denim Quilts


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How to Finish Sewing a Denim Quilt

Denim is already heavy, even the lighter weight versions, so you might not need to add traditional batting to a denim quilt. Try flannel instead, or forget the batting and just add a backing (try flannel or another fabric -- the backing needn't be denim).

I doubt you'll want to hand quilt a denim project -- it would take forever to get the needle in and out of the heavy layers. Luckily, casual denim looks great with simple machine quilting, so grab a walking foot and finish the quilt with straight stitching.

Consider adding large meander stitching to large areas to dress them up a bit.

You might also choose to tie the quilt with plain or decorative cotton yarns.

Binding a Blue Jeans Quilt

You usually can't get enough long pieces from recycled denim to make binding strips, and assembling short strips produces binding with lots of heavy seam allowances that will bulk-up the quilt's edges.

New denim and heavy cotton twill are both good binding options for denim quilts. The two layers of a doublefold binding will help keep the edge intact.

Denim is a wonderful, casual fabric that looks great no matter whether it's sewn together in structured blocks or random pieces. Experiment with denims to see what works best for you and remember, there are no "rules."

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