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Learn How to Make Denim Quilts


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Make a Denim Quilt from Recycled Blue Jeans
How to Make Denim Quilts

Put plain blocks of different colors on point and surround them with a pieced border made from random bars.

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Grab Those Old Blue Jeans and Denim Skirts

Nearly everyone has at least a few pairs of old blue jeans hanging in the closet, or maybe a skirt or two,It's easy to recycle denim garments to make a blue jeans quilt.

You can't usually 'harvest' a lot of fabric from one pair of jeans, but you can quickly build a stash by checking the racks at local thrift shops for jeans that are soft and faded, but not totally worn out.

Look for bib overalls, too, especially kid's overalls with cute bibs that would look great incorporated into a quilt block or used on the front of a denim tote or purse.

  1. Wash the jeans and dry them.
  2. It can take forever to pluck the seams apart, and that task is not usually worth the effort for the small amount of fabric you'll gain, so grab a sharp pair of fabric scissors and cut out around the seams to remove the usable fabric.
  3. Inspect the denim and discard fabric that's thin and stretched out of shape. Be sure to take a close look at the knees and seats, since those areas are prone to wear.
  4. Keep the back pockets and the fabric around them intact if you'd like to use pockets to embellish a few special blocks.
  5. Press all of your denim pieces and you're ready to cut patches for the quilt.
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