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Christmas Orchard Quilt Pattern


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Meet the Christmas Orchard Quilt
Christmas Quilt Pattern

Christmas Orchard Quilt Pattern

Janet Wickell

Christmas Orchard Quilt Pattern

The Christmas Orchard quilt is made with two traditional quilt blocks, Practical Orchard alternated with Snowball. A poinsettia Christmas fabric is used at the center of the Snowballs, which are surrounded by gold. Gold continues vertically in Practical Orchard, with squares separated by a quarter-square triangle unit. Green replaces gold in the vertically positioned squares.

Use the pattern for a baby or toddler quilt, switching fabrics to suit a theme.

Quilt blocks: 6" square finished size

Quilt size: about 45" x 57"


Poinsettia fabric for Snowball centers: 3/4 yard

Gold for squares, quarter-square triangles and narrow border: 7/8 yard

Neutral for squares: 1/2 yard

Red for quarter-square triangles and inner border: 1 yard

Green for squares and outer border: 1-1/4 yard

Backing: 4 yards (there will be leftovers; get about 1/4 yard more and use part of the backing yardage for snowball centers) ([http://quilting.about.com/od/finishingsteps/ss/quilt_backing.htm]Backing Instructions)

Batting: About 55" x 67"

Binding: About 250 running inches of doublefold binding (Binding Strip Instructions)

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