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Try This Easy Baby Quilt Pattern


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Easy Baby Quilt Pattern
Easy Baby Quilt Pattern

Forum members "Ripstitcher" and "Kalepp" sewing the first baby quilt

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Quilters everywhere make charity quilts (often called comfort quilts) for all sorts of causes. It's an activity that continues to increase now that it's so easy for quilters to "meet" online to convey needs and brainstorm ideas.

  • Thousands of quilts were made for Katrina survivors. In fact, that quilt drive is still taking place.

  • Quilts of Valor are made by quilters who are dedicated to providing comfort for wounded soldiers.

  • Project Linus has chapters all over the world. It's volunteers are sometimes called blanketeers, and provide hand made blankies of all kinds for ill and traumatized children.

Research church groups, quilting guilds and other organizations in your area to find groups of quilters who make quilts to be distributed locally, and try this easy baby quilt the next time you need a quick project.

About.com Forum Quilters

In the spring of 2007, I met some of our About Quilting forum members at a quilting seminar in North Carolina. We spent one evening making baby quilts for The Grace Children's Foundation, a non-profit group that delivers aid of all types to orphaned and abandoned children in China.

Our baby quilts finished at 28" x 34", a pretty good size for little ones. Vary your block and sashing sizes as necessary. Quilting fabric is about 42" wide, so making a quilt that's 40" or narrower means you won't have to piece the backing as long as you have enough yardage to cover its length. However, increase the quilt size as necessary for your project and learn how to make quilt backing for larger quilts.

It was so much fun to finally have real faces to link with forum members I talk to every day online, and working in the same room made it a breeze to sew these little quilts together in assembly-line fashion.

Making charity quilts is an activity many of our members are devoted to, and we hope more and more quilters will participate in charity activities in their own home towns. A large number of our Forum Members are already very active in charity quilt drives.

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