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Watercolor Quilt Pattern with Cats and Butterflies


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About the Cat Quilt Pattern
Easy Watercolor Quilt

Catching the View, a Watercolor Style Quilt

© Janet Wickell
Use my watercolor style quilt pattern to make a 33-1/2" x 39-1/2" cat quilt. Three appliqued cats are inspecting a flower garden outside the watercolor style windows, but keeping an eye on the butterflies that have drifted indoors.

The quilt blocks are similar to attic windows, but with four mitered frames instead of two. They're filled with floral scraps in the watercolor style. Create more contrast and depth by using frame fabrics with a bit more value differences than mine.

Materials for the Cat Quilt


  • Floral scraps: 5/8 yards of assorted fabrics

  • Medium light frames: 5/8 yard

  • Dark frames: 5/8 yard


  • Cats: 3 very dark prints, approximately 9" x 9" each

  • Butterfly: 3 prints, approximately 3" x 3" each


  • Backing: 1 yard

  • Batting: 36" x 42" thin batting

  • Binding: 160" double-fold binding

Cutting Chart

Watercolor Windows

Floral Squares: cut 108 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" squares, assorted

Dark Strips: cut six 3" strips across the fabric's crosswise grain

Medium Light Strips: cut six 3" strips across the fabric's crosswise grain

Cats & Butterfly

Cat and butterly applique pieces do not include a seam allowance.

  • Cut 1 crouching cat from dark fabric.
  • Turn the pattern over and cut a mirror image crouching cat.
  • Cut 1 standing cat from dark fabric.
  • Cut as many butterflies from template as desired. or cut butterflies from a printed fabric, leaving a seam allowance. Turn under edges and applique to the quilt.

PDF Cat and Butterfly Templates

Standing Cat & Butterfly

Crouching Cat

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