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Card Trick Quilt Pattern


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Introduction to the Card Trick Quilt Pattern
Card Trick Quilt Pattern

Card Trick Quilt Pattern

Janet Wickell

Card Trick Quilt Pattern

At first glance, the traditional Card Trick quilt block might seem difficult, but if you cut and sew its patches systematically, you'll find it goes together with no problems whatsoever.

Finished Card Trick Block Size: 9" square

Finished Quilt Size: 63-1/2" x 84-1/2"

A Word About Quarter Square Triangle Units

It's nice when we can use quick piecing to assemble quarter square triangle units -- like the units in all but the corner positions of the Card Trick block. But because quick piecing results in mirror-image units, and all of the individual units for this quilt must be identical to create the proper flow, we'll assemble them triangle by triangle.

We will quick piece the half square triangle units used in the corners of each quilt block.

Choose Your Quilting Fabrics

The Card Trick block has four "cards" that appear to overlap; most quilts are sewn using a different fabric for each card. I prefer just a bit of color value variation among the four card fabrics, but you'll see other examples with more contrast between fabrics.

One caution, avoid high contrast in fabrics arranged side-by-side or your blocks could resemble a swastika. It's sad that what was once a religious symbol has acquired a negative meaning, but most quilters wish to avoid any connection with the symbol unless they are purchasing a vintage quilt.


Card fabrics are labeled on page 2.

Fabric A: 7/8 yard

Fabric B: 7/8 yard

Fabric C: 1 yard (also used in cornerstones)

Fabric D: 7/8 yard

Light Background: 1-3/8 yards

Sashing: 1-5/8 yards

Border: 2-1/4 yards (from lengthwise strips)

  • 1-1/4 yards for crosswise strips

Binding: about 315 running inches doublefold binding (binding instructions)

Backing: 5-1/2 yards (backing instructions)

Batting: About 75" x 95"

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