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Flying in Circles Quilt Block Pattern


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Assemble Flying Geese and Half Square Triangle Units
Flying in Circles Quilt Block Pattern
© Janet Wickell

Make the Flying Geese

  1. Use a pencil or permanent marker to draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner on each of your thirty-two 2" squares.

  2. Place a square right side down on one end of a Flying Geese rectangle, carefully aligning the edges of both pieces. Hold together with a straight pin placed away from the marked line.

  3. Sew a seam on the marked line, and then trim off the corner, leaving about a 1/4" seam allowance past the seam line. Press the seam allowance towards the darker fabric.

  4. Repeat to sew another square to the opposite side of the rectangle, making sure the square's marked line is aligned as shown above, so that it forms a "peak" with the first sewn corner. Trim excess corner fabric and press.

  5. Repeat to assemble sixteen Flying Geese units. To speed things up, chain piece a square to one side of each rectangle, trim and press all, and then chain piece squares to the opposite sides of rectangles. Set aside.

Make the Half Square Triangle Units

  1. Mark a diagonal line on both 3-7/8" background squares, just like you did the smaller squares. Pair the squares with the darker 3-7/8" squares and follow the instructions for making sandwiched units to sew four triangle squares.

    The method isn't quite the same as we used for Flying Geese, so be sure to refer to the instructions if you are not familiar with the technique.

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