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Holiday Harvest Patchwork and Applique Quilt Pattern


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Make the Oak Leaf and Acorn Quilt Blocks
Oak Leaf and Acorn Quilt Block Pattern

Upper left, the traditional Oak Leaf and Acorn Block. Lower right, a block with a simplified center. Choose the option that works for you.

Janet Wickell
Download the PDF file and make templates from the shapes. Specific cutting instructions will depend on the applique method you choose.

You'll Need:

  • (24) Green oak leaves (larger template)

  • (24) Red acorns (smaller template)

  • (6) Gold centers -- there are two options included, one simpler, with fewer (and more gentle) curves

Cut one 11" x 11" square of background fabric. Fold it in half crosswise, from both directions, creasing each time. Fold in half along both diagonals, leaving creases.

Use the creases to guide you as you arrange and pin fabric in place. The ends of oak leaves will slip underneath the gold center patch for hand applique. So will acorns if you use the more intricate center patch.

Applique shapes to the square. Press. Use a square ruler (or make a template) to square-up the quilt block to 10-1/2" x 10-1/2", centering the motifs.

Adjust remaining background squares up or down if necessary (from 11") to make sewing and squaring up easier/more accurate. Make a total of six Oak Leaf & Acorn quilt blocks.

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