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Showcase Fall Colors with Our Maple Leaf Quilt Pattern


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Meet the Quilt Pattern
Maple Leaf Quilt Pattern

Autumn Leaves Quilt Pattern

Janet Wickell
The Autumn Leaves quilt pattern is designed with 14" square blocks with a small maple leaf unit at each corner. Leaves are separated by sashing, and a square sits at the block's center. Snowball quilt blocks rest between the maple leaf blocks, where they link to create diagonal movement across the surface of the quilt.

This quilt pattern is perfect for a fall theme, but would be a nice match for other colors, or even sewn as a scrap quilt.

Finished block size: 14" x 14"

Quilt size: 82" x 110"

All blocks are quick pieced.

Quilting Fabric & Other Materials

Always start any quilt pattern by cutting only enough fabric to make a sample block or two.

Neutral print for Maple background and Snowball centers: 5 yards

Medium light green print for sashing bars: 1 yard

Red print for leaves: 3/4 yard

Green print for leaves: 3/4 yard

Gold print for leaves: 3/4 yard

(Lighter) green-brown-gold for leaves: 3/4 yard

Deep red/burnt-orange print for Snowball corners, Maple block centers, outer border: 3 yards (trim a 16" wide lengthwise grain panel from the yardage and reserve for borders before cutting other patchwork

Light dotted fabric for inner border: 7/8 yards (crosswise strip borders)

Backing: 10-1/2 yards using vertical panels (Quilt Backing Instructions - you will have leftovers) -- or, about 8-1/8 yards for horizontal panels

Batting: approximately 95" x 125"

Binding: approximately 410 running inches (How to Make Quilt Binding Strips)

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