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Miniature Attic Windows Quilt Pattern


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Intro to the Miniature Attic Windows Quilt
attic windows quilt

Mother's Fantasy Windows, an Attic Windows quilt with variable blocks

© Donna Stidman

Attic Windows with a Twist

Mother's Fantasy Windows is a bit different than a traditional Attic Windows pattern, where windows of the same size are sewn side-by-side. Our blocks are made up of multiple windows in three different configurations that can be mixed-and-match in your quilt.

Select one or more pictorial fabrics to fill you windows, and fussy cut the required patches if you like.

Window sills are sewn from two fabrics, one darker than the other to give the appearance of depth when their angled corners are joined.

Attic Windows Finished Size: 24-1/2" x 24-1/2"

Attic Windows Fabrics

  • Pictorial fabric(s) for windows: 1/4 yard

  • Dark windowsills: 1/4 yard

  • Light windowsills: 1/4 yard

Other Materials

  • Backing: 7/8 yard

  • Batting: 28" x 28"

  • Binding: 110" running

Attic Windows Cutting Chart


Be sure to consider the 1/4" seam allowance on all sides of a patch if you decide to fussy cut the windows.

  • Twenty-four: 3" x 3" squares

  • Six: 3" x 7" rectangles


  • Dark strips, cut five: 2" x 42"

  • Light strips, cut four: 2" x 42"

Sewing Attic Windows

You'll use the setting-in technique to sew the squares and rectangles to the sills.

There's another method that results in a similar appearance (by putting half square triangles at the angled corner of each block). Using that method, you would need to construct thirty half square triangle units.

Setting in offers are more streamlined appearance, and isn't difficult at all.

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