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Black Hills Gold Quilt with Barrister Quilt Blocks


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Meet the Black Hills Gold Quilt
Black Hills Gold Quilt with Barrister Quilt Blocks

Black Hills Gold Quilt with Barrister Quilt Blocks

Janet Wickell

About the Quilt Pattern

Black Hills Gold is a quilt made by placing traditional Barrister quilt block on point and then sewing the blocks into diagonal rows. The quilt reminds me of Native American designs, so the term Black Hills Gold seemed to fit.

Finished Barrister Block: 14" x 14"

Finished Quilt: about 79" x 99"

Alter the number of blocks or add borders to change the quilt size. Keep in mind that you can sew a border to two opposite sides, or to the sides and bottom, omitting a border along the top edge of the quilt.

Making the Barrister's Half Square Triangle Units

I bumped the size of the quilt blocks up to 14" square so that the smallest half square triangle units (HST) could finish a bit larger than they would in a 12" block. But at 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" (finished) the units are still pretty small. Do not cut all of your HST unit fabric until you are sure the end results are accurate -- you may need to alter seam lines if they are too small.

I prefer the sandwich method for HST units, even when I am making lots of identical components, because I always sew them slightly oversize and then trim back to the correct size before using units in a block. That method isn't possible with when making quick pieced HST units on pre-printed foundations unless you draft the foundations yourself. The last page of the HST unit tutorial shows you how to trim the units after assembly.

Alter cutting instructions to use another method for HST unit assembly.

Quilting Fabrics

Tone on tone and mottled fabrics offer texture without becoming focal points. I wanted the overall design to be the focus of the quilt, not any one fabric.

Only four fabrics are used in the quilt:

  • A black tone on tone for large and small HST units and for binding
  • A greenish-gold mottled fabric printed with bluish circles for the small and large HST units and for setting triangles
  • A sky blue tone on tone for small HST units
  • A red tone on tone for the small squares

Alter fabrics to suit your needs.

Quilting Fabrics and Other Materials

Black tone on tone: 4 yards (does not include binding)

Mottled gold print: 4-3/4 yards (includes setting triangles)

Sky blue tone on tone: 1-1/8 yard

Red tone on tone: 3/4 yard

Backing: 7-5/8 yards (you will have leftovers) OR a single panel about 89" x 109" | quilt backing instructions

Batting: about 89" x 109" | you can use a fusible batting or fusible spray for basting | about cotton batting

Binding: about 385 running inches of continuous binding to finish at 1/4" | binding strip instructions

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