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Flying Geese Quilt Pattern... the No Waste Method

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Learn to Make No-waste Flying Geese
Make Mp-Waste Flying Geese

Flying Dutchman Quilt Block - An example of eight Flying Geese units sewn in two different color combinations.

Janet Wickell

What Are Flying Geese?

Each portion of a Flying Geese quilt pattern is a rectangular shape with a triangle sewn at each of its two ends, creating a peak at the unit's midpoint. Flying geese can be used alone to construct an entire quilt, although they're most often used in borders and accents. Flying Geese are also used within hundreds of patchwork quilt blocks.

Flying Geese quilts can be made in several ways -- Number 1 is the Flying Geese method explained on the following pages of this tutorial.

  1. By sewing four small squares to a larger square, a method that produces four flying geese, but no wasted fabric.
  2. Using a quick-pieced flying geese method where squares are sewn to the corners of rectangles. After sewing, the outermost portion of each joined square and rectangle is sliced away, leaving the triangle we see at the edge of a geese unit and a pair of unused small triangles.
  3. Using rotary cutting techniques and/or templates to cut shapes and sew individual pieces together to create a flying geese unit.
  4. By foundation (paper) piecing the geese, a popular method for these units, especially when you're working small.

At first, I wasn't a huge fan of the no-waste method flying geese method, and I still use the other quick-pieced technique when I need just a couple of geese, when I'm adding geese-like triangles to the ends of longer bars, or when I'm using small pieces of scrappy fabric. But the no-waste Flying Geese method is perfect when you need lots of geese -- it truly is easy, and very accurate.

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