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Milky Way Quilt Pattern


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Milky Way Quilt Pattern
Milky Way Quilt Pattern

Milky Way Quilt Pattern - Stars for a Cure

Janet Wickell

Make a Milky Way Quilt

Milky Way is one of many quilt block patterns that are sewn using a variation of the popular Friendship Star. For Milky Way, the star blocks are linked by four patch units at their outer corners, rather than plain squares of fabric.

The Milky Way quilt pattern has a unique characteristic -- blocks cannot be sewn together side by side to achieve the appearance of light stars next to dark stars as shown here. Instead, a Milky Way quilt is designed by allowing adjacent blocks to "share" a third of their design (see page 2 for a preview).

It isn't necessary to sew the quilt blocks and their shared links together into one unit before you begin assembling the quilt. If you're making a scrap quilt, it's best not to assemble the blocks into units, because leaving components free of each other offers a lot more versatility when it's time to design the quilt.

Milky Way looks wonderful as a scrap quilt, but is also gorgeous when sewn with a couple of vibrant colors. This version, which uses (in part) breast cancer awareness fabrics, is simply one example of the layouts you can create, and its fabrics do not contrast as much as fabrics in the majority of Milky Way quilts.

For an alternative layout, be sure to look at the blue variation of Milky Way, on pages 6 and 7.

Finished Milky Way Block: 12" x 12" (15" x 15" with linking units, see page 2)

To Make a Scrap Quilt

  • Decide which color(s) you wish to use for your light stars and your dark stars; Sort fabric scraps into stacks by color or by color value
  • Choose two colors or color values for the four patch units, one lighter than the other (choose four patch fabrics that contrast more with the light stars if you want those stars to pop out more than mine do)
  • See: color value basics

Yardages for the Color-Orderly Quilt on this Page

Finished Quilt Size: 48" x 57"

  • Vibrant pink print for dark stars and binding: 2-1/2 yards
  • White with pink print for light stars: 2-1/4 yards
  • Pink and white dots for four patch units: 1 yard
  • Green for four patch units: 1 yard
  • Backing: 4 yards (you will have extra); or about 58" x 67" of wide fabric (Quilt Backing Instructions)
  • Batting: about 58" x 67"
  • Binding: about 240 running inches of doublefold binding to finish at 1/4" wide (Make Quilt Binding Strips)
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