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Learn How to Make Puff Quilts


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How to Make Backing for a Puff Quilt
Puff Quilting

Place puff quilt on the backing fabric.

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  1. Place the puff quilt's backing fabric right side down on a table. Place the quilt on top, right side up (the longest edge of a quilt this size will usually fit across the width of the fabric).
  2. Use safety pins or tacks to hold the layers together.
  3. Thread embroidery floss through a needlepoint needle and tie each corner of a pocket with a square knot. Move from the upper right to the lower left. (Photo)

    Knot Illustration, scroll down the page to see a series of photos.

  4. Remove tacks or pins and trim backing even with sides of the puff quilt. Baste or zigzag stitch around the edges of the quilt.
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