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Easy Four Patch Contemporary Baby Quilt Pattern


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About the Contemporary Baby Quilt
Easy Contemporary Baby Quilt Pattern

Four Patch quilt with alternating colors of outer frames.

© Janet Wickell


Each four patch quilt block in this easy contemporary baby quilt pattern is framed twice, once with a narrow frame and again with a frame that's somewhat larger. Take a close look at the illustration and you'll see that:

  • All four patch blocks are framed in white first.
  • One version of the four patch block is larger than the other.
  • The larger four patches have more narrow white (or inner) frames than the larger four patches.
  • Although their components differ, the two types of framed blocks all finish at 9" x 9".

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Quilt Pattern Variations

The layout shown here is one of many ways you can customize this contemporary baby quilt. Take a look at another version of the quilt, on page 5. Its inner frames are all dark and its outer frames are all white, giving the finished project a very different appearance. 

I like the added movement and color variations made possible by the four patch units, but you could replace them with plain squares of fabric cut from a variety of scraps. If you prefer, turn the entire project into a scrap quilt.

The quilt shown finishes at about 36" x 54", a nice size for a baby quilt or toddler quilt. Make additional quilt blocks or add borders to create a larger finished project.

If you're new to quilting, check to make sure you are sewing an accurate quarter inch seam before beginning this project. You might also want to review the instructions for using a rotary cutter to create long strips of fabric.

Quilt Block Fabrics

I wrote the instructions in a way that (hopefully) helps you design your own version of the quilt. Choose desired fabric styles and colors and 'plug them in' to the yardages below. I always add a bit of extra yardage, but it doesn't hurt to up it yourself, to cover excessive shrinkage and those little boo-boos we all make.

  • Block A refers to quilt blocks with larger four patch units (outer frames in green). The four patches can be eliminated if you want to substitute 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" squares.
  • Block B refers to quilt blocks with smaller four patch units (outer frames in black). The four patches can be replaced with 3-3/4" x 3-3/4" squares.

Block A

Outer frames: 3/4 yard

Inner frames: 3/8 yard

Four patch units: two contrasting fabrics, small amounts, see page 2 instructions

Block B

Outer frames: 3/4 yard

Inner frames: 5/8 yard

Four patch units: two contrasting fabrics, small amounts, see page 3 instructions

Other Materials

Binding: about 205 running inches of doublefold binding finishing at 1/" (quilt binding strip instructions).

Backing: 1-7/8 yards (Unless you plan to do lots of intricate quilting, a single cut of yardage should work -- you would have about 3" of excess fabric on the sides. Trim selvages after quilting.) How to Make Quilt Backing

Batting: about 42" x 60" of thin batting (as above, larger for lots of intricate quilting).

If the project will be quilted by another person, check that person's requirements for batting and backing requirements.

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