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Try My Civil War Quilt Pattern


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About the Civil War Quilt Pattern
Civil War Quilt Pattern

A quilt pattern inspired by reproduction fabrics from the Civil War era.

© Janet Wickell
Strippy quilts are designed by placing quilt blocks in either horizontal rows or vertical columns (like the Civil War strippy quilt above). Rows or columns of blocks are separated by another design element -- sometimes one or more strips of fabric and sometimes patchwork or applique that differs from the quilt blocks.

Vertical columns of quilt blocks in my Civil War inspired strippy quilt are separated by long strips of fabric. The same fabric becomes an inner border along three sides of the quilt, and a flying geese patchwork border completes the layout. The quilt does not have top borders, but you can certainly add them if you like.

Border stripe quilting fabrics can be used instead of the plain fabric shown. Remember that increasing or decreasing finished strip width will alter the number of flying geese required for the outer border.

Change the theme to suit your needs -- this needn't be a Civil War quilt. The design will work with any type of fabric. Place contrasting fabrics on opposite diagonals in the Frayed Sawtooth Star quilt blocks if you'd like the same crisscross look shown above.

Most online and local quilt shops carry reproductions of fabrics available during the Civil War and other periods in history.

Cut, sew and press with care. We're using a patchwork border, and that means your finished columns should be as close to the projected size as possible for borders to fit as they should.

Finished Block Size: 12" x 12" (the square blocks: Frayed Sawtooth Star and Pinwheel Star)

Take a closer look at the two quilt blocks used to make the Civil War quilt.

Finished Quilt Size: 76" x 92"

Fabric and Other Materials for the Civil War Quilt

Yardages are generous, but I always recommend you buy a little extra.

Black Print: 2-1/2 yards
Used in both quilt blocks and for flying geese.

Rust Colored Print: 1 yard for blocks, 1-3/4 yard for crosswise grain borders (2-1/2 yards for lengthwise grain borders, and use extra for flying geese - cut borders first, see page 6)
Used in the Frayed Sawtooth Star quilt block and for long strips in borders and to separate columns.

Gold Print: 1-3/8 yards
Used in four patch units in the Frayed Sawtooth Star and backgrounds of flying geese.

Gray Print: 1 yard
Used in the Frayed Sawtooth Star.

Greenish Print: 1/2 yard
Used for inner pinwheel units in the Pinwheel Star block.

Dark Brown and Rust Print: 1/2 yard
For half square triangle units in corners of the Pinwheel Star quilt block.

Light 'Shirting' Print: 1-5/8 yards
Shirting fabrics are white or off-white fabrics with small prints.

Used as a background in both quilt blocks.

Binding 360 running inches of doublefold binding to finish at 1/4" (how to make binding strips).

Batting: a queen sized batting measure 90" x 108", which should work fine unless you need more length for intricate quilting.

Backing: 6 yards to piece a backing or a single panel with 5" or so excess on each side of the quilt (how to make quilt backing)

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