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Medallion Sampler Quilt Pattern


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About the Backwards Medallion Sampler Quilt
Medallion Sampler Quilt Pattern

Medallion Sampler Quilt (without quilt blocks)

© Janet Wickell
Many sampler quilt patterns are published a few quilt blocks at a time, and they typically start with patterns for the quilt blocks. Sometimes the layout is visible from Day 1, but more often it's part of the 'mystery' aspect of making a progressive quilt. That's how I've published my previous two samplers, the Anniversary Sampler quilt pattern in 2007 and the Scrap Happy Sampler in 2011.

The Backwards Medallion Sampler approaches the sampler quilt project a bit differently -- we'll start with a look at the layout (click on the image to see a larger version).

  • Publishing the layout first might help quilters decide on a theme for their project.
  • Seeing the layout offers a bit of vision about where we're headed, and makes it easier to develop a quilt you love.
  • Some quilters complete the blocks earlier than others, and are ready to move on to the layout.

The quilt's layout can be used for any group of sixteen 6" square quilt blocks and another that's 12" square, so please feel free to use the layout pattern to make a quilt from random blocks you might have, including quilt blocks from a Quilting Forum swap or scrap blocks made using my quilt block patterns.

Finished Quilt Size: about 61" x 61"

Using the Sampler Quilt Layout

Look on the following pages for layout instructions, but I do not recommend pre-sewing the layout components unless you are ready to sew a quilt. Your ideas for fabrics will possibly change as the actual sampler quilt block patterns are released.

Make a scrappy sampler quilt or assemble the project in a more orderly manner as shown -- the choice is yours.

Plain border areas are written as butted borders, also called straight borders, but you can use your favorite technique and switch to mitered borders (remember to increase yardages a bit and alter strip lengths as necessary).

Blocks for the Medallion Sampler Quilt Pattern

Refer to page 8 of this pattern for an updated image of the sampler quilt and links to all quilt block patterns used in the project.
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