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Attic Ribbons - An Attic Windows Quilt Pattern with Applique


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Attic Ribbons Quilt Pattern
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Attic Ribbons - Attic Windows Quilt Pattern

Janet Wickell

Attic Ribbons - An Attic Windows Quilt Pattern with Applique

Here's an Attic Windows quilt pattern that features applique motifs in some of the window panes (the 8" square area of the Attic Windows block's layout). The templates are all from Electric Quilt, and saved as PDF files. Applique motifs measure in the range of 4-3/4" x 4-3/4", some a bit larger and some a bit smaller (enlarge them if you prefer to fill the window a little more, keeping in mind that the finished area is 8" x 8").

Each Attic Windows quilt block finishes at 12-inches square and the completed quilt measures 70" x 94".

Working with Applique Templates

How you cut fabric for the templates will depend on the technique you plan to use. You'll need to add a 3/8" or so seam allowance around pieces that must be turned under, and short extensions for patches that will be positioned beneath another patch. Make a master copy of the image and then run another copy that can be cut apart to create the actual templates. For fussier images, label your master and templates with matching numbers or letters.

I've provided a sheet of small colorized images of all shapes (except the heart) to give you a quick glance at the designs.

A Few Applique Methods to Consider

Skip the Applique if You Like

Applique isn't a requirement for the quilt -- skip it altogether if you prefer. Replace the applique motifs with squares of pictorial fabrics in some of the windows (beach scenes, toys, florals or other special prints). You can also cut out images from a printed fabric, like the butterflies in my Catching the View quilt pattern, and applique them to the quilt.

Quilting Fabrics & Other Materials

To make a quilt like the one on this page, choose a warmish neutral fabric for the squares in your windows, a light green mottled fabric (but darker than the neutral) for some of the bottom window sills, a darker green for some of the side sills and a black to use in both sill positions.

I like the "ribbon-like" look that emerges when fabrics are altered diagonally as shown, and cutting instructions on page 2 reflect that look -- change fabric positions entirely if you like.

Warmish neutral: 2-3/8 yards

Light green: 1-3/8 yards

Darker green: 7/8 yard

Black: 1-3/8 yards

Very dark for border: 2-3/4 yards for unpieced, lengthwise grain strips (you will have leftovers; add side borders first); 1-5/8 yard for crosswise grain strips that must be pieced together.

Batting & Backing: about 80" x 104" of each, slightly larger for extensive quilting (Make Quilt Backing)

Download the Templates

Templates are from Electric Quilt 6. Two versions are shown for some of the templates, an original and a simplified version. Print as "actual size" or "100-percent" unless you wish to enlarge the patterns.

Color Overview of Images (minus heart)
Fish 1
Fish 2
Little Sue
Blue Moon
Pink Lily
Plaid Butterfly
Red Water Lily

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