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(Slightly) Amish Baskets Quilt Pattern


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Amish Baskets Quilt Pattern

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Amish Baskets Quilt Pattern

Make 15" square basket quilt blocks in traditional Amish style, or vary your fabrics for a slightly Amish look. The quilt block pattern includes instructions for single quilt blocks (perfect for scrap quilts), but on page 3 you'll find directions to help you make the 63" x 63" quilt illustrated here.

Amish Style Miniature Quilt Pattern
Here's a little miniature quilt, a double nine-patch sewn in the Amish style. The quilt finishes at about 25-1/2" square. You can make it much scrappier if you like, and you can go wild with color combinations to brighten it up. Do what feels right to you.

Slightly Amish Basket Quilt Pattern

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