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Free quilt patterns, all illustrated in gallery format to help you preview the quilts. To view larger images of the quilts, start with the first page and step through the designs one at a time.

My quilt patterns always include step-by-step instructions and illustrations that show you just how easy it is to make a quilt. Detailed pattern instructions help beginning quilters make any project in the archives.

More Free Quilting Patterns

For hundreds of quilt block patterns, see my free quilt block patterns archive. Many include instructions for multiple blocks and entire quilts.

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Garden Lattice Quilt PatternGarden Lattice Quilt PatternChariot Wheel Quilt PatternChariot Wheel Quilt PatternX's and O's Quilt PatternX's and O's Quilt PatternX's and O's Baby Quilt Pattern with SashingX's and O's Baby Quilt in Two Sizes, with Sashing
TARDIS Quilt PatternTARDIS Quilt Patterncat quilt patternCatching the View, Cat QuiltDouble Four Patch Scrap Quilt PatternEasy Double Four Patch Scrap Quilt PatternAmethyst Chain Miniature Quilt PatternAmethyst Chain Miniature Quilt Pattern
Star Crossed Nine Patch QuiltStar Crossed Nine Patch Quilt PatternNine Patch Baby Quilt PatternFloating Nine Patch Baby Quilt PatternMonkey Wrench Baby Quilt PatternMonkey Wrench Quilt Pattern: Baby Quilt or MiniatureEasy Framed Four Patch Quilt PatternEasy Framed Four Patch Quilt Pattern
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