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Quilt Block Patterns for Beginning and Experienced Quilters


About My Quilt Block Patterns

Thumb through the quilt block patterns archives to find projects for quilters of every skill level. Individual quilt block patterns are handy when you make a scrap quilt, since you don't need cutting instructions for lots of identical blocks. Patterns for quilt blocks also work nicely when you want to organize a swap with fellow quilters, for sampler quilts and for times when you wish to design your own layout rather than follow a quilt pattern written by someone else.

Many of my block patterns are multipurpose, because they include instructions that explain how make either groups of blocks or an entire quilt. You'll find quilt blocks of all sizes, from miniatures to oversize designs. Subscribe to my quilting newsletter for regular updates, because I write new patterns and quilting articles every week.

Looking for patterns for entire quilts? Browse my free quilt patterns archives, and if you're a beginning quilter, refer to my quilt making tutorials to learn how to make a quilt.

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basket quilt block patternsSix-Inch Basket Quilt Block Patternmonkey wrench quilt blockMonkey Wrench Quilt Block Pattern - 4-1/2" & 9" Blocks16 patch quilt blocksSixteen-Patch Quilt Block Pattern - 6" Blockspinwheels quilt blockMosaic Pinwheels Quilt Block Pattern - 8" & 24" Blocks
pinwheel quilt blockPinwheel in a Square Quilt Block Pattern - 8" & 12" Blocksweeping willow tree quilt block, quilt block patternsWeeping Willow Tree Quilt Block Pattern - 30" Blockshoo fly quilt block patternShoo Fly Quilt Block Pattern - 6" & 12" BlocksSarah's Choice Quilt Block patternSarah's Choice Quilt Block Pattern - 4", 6", 8" & 12"
heart quilt blocks6-inch Scrappy Heart Quilt Block PatternSteps to the Altar Quilt Block PatternSteps to the Altar Quilt Block Pattern, 12" - Anniversary Sampler Quiltchurn dash quilt patternChurn Dash with a Twist Quilt Block Pattern, 12"capital t quilt block patternCapital Ts Quilt Block Pattern - 12" Quilt Block
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