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Free Printable Quilt Patterns

How to Print or Save Quilt Patterns


Printable Quilt Patterns

Printable Quilt Patterns

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I often receive emails from quilters who aren't sure how to print my quilt patterns, because the little printer icon is a bit hard to find. The Quilting site's design changes from time to time, but you can typically look at the upper right area of a page and find a little printer icon. The current version is shown in the smaller image to the right (and visible in the green bar on this page, too). The little + sign to the left of the printer lets you share a page on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking Web sites.

The 'Search' function is just above the icon, and is a handy tool to use if you're looking for a specific quilt pattern or other document.

When you're in a quilt pattern or a quiltmaking article, click that little icon. You'll find that it strips the unwanted 'fluff,' that isn't necessary for your files.

You will need to print each page separately, but lots of people I correspond with pull up a page and then copy and paste the contents into another document, such as a Microsoft Word file (whatever works is fine). That method lets you paste all pages into one continuous article, which saves paper.

When you click the printer icon, remember that you can also save patterns as PDF files for later use, instead of printing them.

Please remember copyright laws and do not paste the patterns onto another Web site or use them professionally. Quilt patterns and other articles are for personal use.

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