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Free Quilt Patterns by Type

Try one of my free quilt patterns the next time you're looking for quilting projects with detailed instructions and illustrations. You'll find quilt patterns of all types on this page, in the list below and within folders. Miniature quilts to baby quilt patterns to king sized quilts, take a look at some of the designs.
  1. Free Baby Quilt Patterns (32)
  2. Rag Quilt Patterns (10)
  3. Miniature Quilt Patterns (15)
  4. Purse and Tote Patterns (6)
  5. Pillowcases & Covers (5)
  6. Holiday Quilt Patterns (21)
  7. Fabric Postcards (5)
  8. Decorative Additions (5)
  9. Nautical Quilt Patterns (3)
  10. Mystery Quilt Patterns (14)
  11. Easy Quilt Patterns (36)
  12. Sampler Quilt Patterns (22)
  13. Star Quilt Patterns (9)
  14. Table Runner Patterns (3)

How to Make a Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt
Use my Disappearing Nine Patch quilt pattern to design and sew your own unique project.

Free Pinwheels Quilt Pattern... Carnival Pinwheels
Carnival Pinwheels is a free quilt pattern made with two types of pinwheel quilt blocks.

Chariot Wheel Quilt Pattern
Make Chariot Wheel, a quilt pattern that's perfect for the guys in your life, but easy to customize for the gals, too.

Quilt Patterns Index with Thumbnails
Hundreds of quilt patterns -- some of the most visited patterns on the Quilting website.

Easy X's and O'x Quilt Pattern
An easy X's and O's quilt pattern that can be customized to suit your needs.

Crafty Windows, an Easy Quilt Pattern
This easy quilt pattern was named for its resemblance to the windows sometimes seen in Craftsman styled homes.

Easy Scrap Quilts from Nine Patch Straight Furrows
It's easy to make a scrap quilt from the Nine Patch Straight Furrows design. We'll show you how.

Free Table Runner Patterns
Table runner patterns to suit any season of the year, with tips to help you customize the runners to suit your needs.

Easy Double Four Patch Quilt Pattern
An easy Double Four Patch quilt pattern that's suitable for all quilters. Make use of the light and dark blocks to create a unique layout for your quilt.

Mosaic Four Patch Quilt Pattern, Three Size Options
Choose from three size options when you sew the Mosaic Four Patch quilt.

Puff Quilt Pattern
Instructions and photos show you how to make a puff quilt.

Civil War Quilt Pattern
Try this Civil War quilt pattern if you love fabrics and layouts popular during that era (or change the quilts looks entirely by choosing different fabrics).

A Walk Through the Maze Quilt Pattern
A Walk Through the Maze is a free quilt pattern designed with two traditional quilt blocks. When combined, the blocks form a circular "walkway" across the face of the quilt.

Aurora Borealis Quilt Block and Quilt Pattern
Use my quilt pattern to make the Aurora Borealis Quilt. The quilt uses the traditional Friendship Star quilt block to create a colorful splash against a black background.

Autumn Leaves, a Bed Quilt Made with Maple Leaf and Snowball
Maple Leaf units sit at each corner of the blocks in this bed quilt pattern, and are separated by Snowballs that link the design together. Showcase shades of autumn in this large quilt.

Boats at Sea Quilt Block
Make 8" or 12" blocks of this Boats at Sea design. Its layout is a bit different than most other sailboat quilt blocks.

Ornate Stars Quilt Pattern
Use our pattern to make a Christmas themed quilt, or a quilt of any color combination.

California Hourglass Quilt Pattern
Make the California Hourglass quilt, a patchwork design sewn from two different quilt blocks.

Card Trick Quilt Pattern
Card Trick quilts can seem a little intimidating at first glance, but we'll show you how to assemble the quilt with ease.

Carolina Byways Quilt Pattern
This free quilt pattern is made with a strip pieced version of the split nine patch quilt block.

Christmas Orchard Quilt Pattern
Make a Christmas themed quilt with twp easy quilt blocks, Practical Orchard and Snowball.

Christmas Quilts and Accessories
Patterns for Christmas themed quilts, along with table runners, ornaments and other Christmas themed quilting projects.

Christmas Star Quilt Pattern
Use my 20" Christmas Star quilt block pattern to create an easy wallhanging.

Clownin' Around Quilt Pattern
Clownin' Around is made from the traditional patchwork Clown block. It's an easy quilt pattern, suitable for beginners.

Cozy Chains Quilt Pattern
Experiment with diagonal movement when you make the Cozy Chains quilt.

Cracker Quilt Pattern
Follow our pattern to make a Cracker quilt with 6" patchwork quilt blocks.

Block-a-Day Quilt Pattern Event
I've had several requests for a list of quilt block patterns published during the March, 2009 Block-a-Day event. Here they are, but remember that you'll find lots more patterns and instructions on About.com Quilting -- quilt block patterns, baby quilt patterns, patterns for standard size quilts and general instructions that will help you make a...

Easy Eye Pillow Pattern
Make this quick and easy eye pillow for yourself or to give as a gift. Fill the pillows with flax and herbs to create a soothing cover.

Easy Quilt Pattern: Snowballing Economy
A nice choice for beginning quilters, the Snowballing Economy quilt is assembled with two easy quilt blocks.

Eight Hands Around Quilt Pattern
Eight Hands Around is a lovely patchwork quilt that puts a star within a star. Our version uses two color variations of the block for a bit of visual interest.

Free Quilt Block Patterns
Hundreds of quilt block patterns for quilters of every skill level. Find quilt blocks in many sizes, too, and a high percentage of the patterns show you how to make groups of blocks, not just one.

Holiday Harvest Patchwork and Applique Quilt Pattern
Make Holiday Harvest, a quilt that combines patchwork and applique quilt blocks. Grape Basket quilt blocks are placed on point, and surround by Oak Leaf and Acorn quilt blocks.

Frugal Quilting Patterns
Frugal Quilting PatternsFrugal Quilting PatternsFrugal Quilting PatternsFrugal Quilting PatternsFrugal Quilting PatternsFrugal Quilting PatternsFrugal Quilting PatternsFrugal Quilting PatternsFrugal Quilting Patterns

Grandma's Choice Small Wallhanging
This free quilt pattern is stitched from a block that is made up of four pinwheel units separated by strip-pieced sashing. Follow the instructions to make a wallhanging with four large blocks.

Harvest Stars Quilt Pattern
Harvest Stars is a 2-block quilt pattern that finishes at about 72" x 96".

Batik Nine Patch Quilt Pattern
An easy quilt pattern made from simple nine patch quilt blocks and squares of batik fabrics. Any type of fabrics will work with this pattern.

How to Make Denim Quilts
Use our tips to make denim quilts from new denim fabric or recycled blue jeans.

How to Make Folded Fat Quarter Stars
Here's a super fast technique you can use to fold fat quarters of fabric into triangles, and then stack the triangles to create decorative stars.

Hula Twist Quilt Pattern
Hula Twist is an easy patchwork quilt pattern sewn with two quilt blocks -- both add a bit of that 'hula' spin.

Illinois Road Quilt Pattern
This patchwork quilt is made with two quilt blocks, and uses the traditional Illinois Road block as its focal point.

Jewel Box Quilt Pattern
Our Jewel Box quilt pattern shows you how to make individual Jewel Box quilt blocks or an entire quilt.

Log Cabin Quilt with Applique Pitchers
Pitchers for Tildy's Cabin is a wallhanging made with Courthouse Steps quilt blocks and applique pitchers and bowls.

King's Crown Quilt Block and Quilt Pattern
King's Crown is one of the hundreds of free quilt patterns you'll find at About.com Quilting.

Marina Blues Quilt Pattern
Make Marina Blues, an ocean-colored wallhanging sewn by combining two different quilt blocks.

Midnight Blues Quilt Pattern
Midnight Blues is a patchwork quilt designed with quilt blocks that are separated by sashing and cornerstones.

Missouri Puzzle Quilt Pattern
In this quilt, Missouri Puzzle quilt blocks are separated by sashing and cornerstones.

Ohio Star Quilt
Ohio Star quilt blocks are placed on point and combined with an alternate block to create this easy quilt.

Oriental Courtyards Free Quilt Pattern
Oriental Courtyards is a patchwork quilt suitable for quilters of all skill levels, even beginners.

Patriotic Quilt Pattern Ideas
Try one of these quilt patterns for your next patriotic quilt.

Pineapple Quilt Pattern
Our pineapple quilt pattern offers variations and shows you how to alter color and value to create a unique quilt.

Rocky Glen Quilt Pattern
Rocky Glen is made with just one component - half square triangle units in two sizes.

Sawtooth Stars Quilt Pattern
Sawtooth Stars are sewn next to sixteen patch quilt blocks to make this pretty quilt.

Snail's Trail Quilt Pattern
Use this quilt pattern to make a Snail's Trail quilt that measures about 70" x 77".

Star Crossed Nine Patch Quilt Pattern
Star Crossed Nine Patch is a quilt pattern made with pinwheels, flying geese and nine patch units -- lots of opportunity for colorplay.

Starry Nights Strippy Quilt
Starry Nights is a very easy strippy quilt pattern, with pinwheel and snowball blocks arranged in vertical rows.

Summer Dragon Patchwork Quilt Pattern
Summer Dragon is just one of the many free quilt patterns you'll find at About.com Quilting. Make a square wallhanging or a rectangular bed quilt -- your choice.

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Pattern
Sunbonnet Sue and Overalls Sam quilt blocks are alternated with patchwork chains blocks to create this lovely quilt.

Under the Stars Quilt Pattern
Make Under the Stars, a quilt pattern with lots of diagonal flow and opportunity for color play.

Vintage Chains Quilt Pattern
Be sure to look at this quilt pattern if you love Civil War reproduction fabrics -- it suits the fabrics perfectly.

Wallhanging Patterns
Wallhanging patterns you can use to make a gift for yourself or for someone special. Wallhanging patterns are ideal projects for quilters who don't want to make a large bed quilt, but do want to decorate their homes with quilts.

Watercolor Quilt Pattern with Cats and Butterflies
Make a large wallhanging using watercolor techniques. Place applique cats and butterflies in the mitered windows of this quilt, or choose another object to sit on the windowsills.

Waving the Flag, a Patriotic Quilt
This square quilt will actually work with any theme, but it's an easy quilt to make when you want something special to take along and sit on for July 4th events.

Strippy Set Quilt Pattern
This strippy set quilt combines a bright border print fabric with columns of Winged Square quilt blocks and Flying Geese.

Whirlpools Baby Quilt Pattern
My Whirlpools quilt is an easy project that can be easily customized to create your very own design.

Woven Logs Quilt and Quilt Block Pattern
A pattern that shows you how to make individual Woven Logs quilt blocks one piece at a time, and also includes strip piecing instructions for 48 blocks.

12" Quilt Block Patterns
Find patterns for quilt blocks that finish at 12 inches square.

10-inch Quilt Block Patterns
Find quit block patterns for designs that finish at 10 inches square.

6-inch Quilt Block Patterns
Find patterns for quilt blocks that finish at 6 inches square.

9-inch Quilt Block Patterns
Find patterns for quilt blocks that finish at 9 inches square.

Black Hills Gold Quilt Pattern
Black Hills Gold is a patchwork quilt made with the traditional Barrister quilt block. Get ready to practice making half square triangle units!

Scrappy Triangle Squares Quilt Pattern
Use this free quilt pattern to make a scrappy quilt from one single type of patchwork, the popular half square triangle unit.

Ocean Waves Quilt Pattern
Use my free Ocean Waves Quilt Pattern to make your very own version of this popular traditional quilt.

Sweet Lilacs Floral Patchwork Quilt Pattern
Sweet Lilacs is an easy patchwork quilt made from floral fabrics.

Easy Mix and Match Wallhangings
Start with a single concept or theme and then mix and match the components to make your own unique wallhanging.

This Way and That Quilt Pattern
This Way and That is a quilt with patchwork pathways reminiscent of connecting roundabouts.

TARDIS Quilt Pattern for Doctor Who Fans
Make a TARDIS quilt for your favorite Doctor Who fan.

Perfect Patterns for Scrap Quilts
Patterns that are excellent choices for scrap quilt lovers.

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