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Learn How to Machine Quilt

Machine Quilting Tips & Techniques


Machine quilting is growing in popularity every year. Not terribly long ago, it was unusual to see award-winning quilts that were not hand quilted, but today's machine quilters have changed that mindset by developing techniques that can either make a quilt appear hand quilted (if that's the intent) or showcase it with an incredible variety of machine sewn stitches. While some sewing machines are designed to make machine quilting a simple task, nearly any sewing machine can be used to machine quilt a quilt.

Think of this handy index as a starting page for machine quilting instructions, and stop back often to find new tutorials that help you learn how to machine quilt, many written by Contributing Writer Rosaland Hannibal.

An Introduction to Machine Quilting

You won't learn how to machine quilt by reading this article, but you will learn a bit about some of the options you'll find when you decide to delve into the technique. Learning how methods differ will help you choose the best method for a project -- free motion techniques or straight line quilting.

So You Want to Machine Quilt?

Goshen Star Quilt Block Pattern
Janet Wickell

This article, by former contributor Rosaland Hannibal, steps you through the process of deciding whether or not you would like to machine quilt your next project, and leads you to tutorials that can help you make decisions along the way.

Avoid Machine Quilting Pitfalls

Antique Tile Quilt Block Pattern
© Janet Wickell
Rosaland shares some of her favorite machine quilting tips in this helpful tutorial. Learn a bit about thread choices, needle sizes, how to avoid fatigue while quilting and much more.

Machine Quilting Supplies

Freehand Log Cabin Quilt Block
Janet Wickell

Quilters have access to an endless variety of supplies to help them complete any technique, and tools and supplies for machine quilting are no exception. Once you've mastered machine quilting, you will likely develop your own favorite brands, and many of us create our own "tools" from household items -- quilters are definitely inventors. For now, this list of important supplies will help ensure you have what you need to get the job done.

Make the Quilt Sandwich

©Janet Wickell

Your quilt top is complete. Now it's time assemble a quilt sandwich, with batting in the middle and a backing on the... well, back. Use this advice to create a quilt sandwich that's ready to baste securely together before you start quilting.

Machine Quilting Advice from Fellow Quilters

Mennonite Quilting Symbols
Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images

Machine quilting is one of those methods that we all seem to develop our own best ways to accomplish. You'll love these machine quilting tips from members of the online quilting community (and follow the link to share your own tips).

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