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Machine Quilting: Use Freezer Paper to Quilt A Heart Shape


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Freezer Paper Templates for Machine Quilting
Machine Quilting a Heart Shape

A heart-shaped template cut from freezer paper and ironed onto fabric can be machine quilted around very easily with your regular presser foot or your walking foot. You could also free motion quilt around the heart if you are feeling adventurous.

Rosaland Hannibal
by Rosalind Hannibal, former Contributing Writer

Use this easy machine quilting technique to sew around a freezer paper template that's pressed onto a quilt. We'll machine quilt around a heart, but the method can be used for any shape.

A few reasons to try freezer paper templates for machine quilting:

  • There are no lines to erase after removing a freezer paper template from fabric.
  • Freezer paper has a waxy, shiny side that temporarily sticks to fabric when heated with an iron.
  • Templates pull away easily and can be used more than once.
  • Freezer paper does not leave residue on fabric once it's peeled away (test this for yourself on a scrap of the same type of fabric used in a quilt).
  • A roll of freezer paper provides lots of drawing space for templates and is easy to find at grocery stores.

Create A Heart Template for Machine Quilting

Cut a heart by folding a piece of freezer paper in half and then cutting a half heart shape -- you probably learned how to do that in elementary school. Practice cutting out different sizes and shapes of hearts (use discarded paper of any type for practice cuts).

When choosing the final template, keep in mind that it's usually easier for beginners to machine quilt around larger shapes.

The example shown above is a simple heart shape cut out of freezer paper and ironed onto fabric. Because the freezer paper and fabric are both white, I placed marks at the top center and bottom center of the heart to make its shape more visible.

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