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Use Painter's Tape to Machine Quilt on a Grid


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Place Tape on a Quilt to Create a Grid
Learn How to Machine Quilt a Grid

Try out this technique first on a practice quilt sandwich.

Rosaland Hannibal
  1. Arrange strips of tape as needed to form the beginning of the grid.
  2. To begin machine quilting, start sewing along one of the outside edges of an outermost piece of tape.
  3. When finished, continue by machine quilting between each of the strips. Focus on staying between the pieces of tape. taking care to avoid sewing on the tape.
  4. If you happen to waver, and catch an edge of the painters tape, you may need to stop sewing, remove those few stitches and begin again from that point. Secure the thread if you must stop and start by taking a few tiny stitches over your stopping point.
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