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Machine Quilting Supplies

Supplies You Need to Start Machine Quilting


Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Janet Wickell
from Contributing Writer Rosalind Hannibal

Are you ready to machine quilt your finished quilt top? Get off to a good start with machine quilting by gathering some basic supplies before you begin. Collecting the right machine quilting supplies will help you finish the job without the stress of starting and stopping to seek out a missing item.

Quilting Thread
Quilting holds the three layers of a quilt together and enhances its design. Rayon, metallic and cotton threads are a few of the many thread choices available. When shopping for quilting thread, take along some of the fabric from your quilt to help select the best colors. (About Machine Quilting Threads

Find Your Seam Ripper
A seam ripper is a necessary little tool that none of us like to use, but cannot live without. Seam rippers can be found on the notions wall wherever you buy sewing and quilting supplies. From time to time during machine quilting you may need to undo some stitches, and using a seam ripper is the fastest and safest way to get the job done. (Compare Prices and Styles of Seam Rippers

Basting Pins
Many quilters today baste with safety pins or basting pins. Basting pins come in various sizes, and many basting pins have a curve in the bottom, making it easier to push down through the three layers of a quilt and back up to the surface to secure layers. Straight pins are sometimes used to baste a miniature quilt, but are not a good choice for larger projects. (Compare Prices and Styles of Basting Pins

Machine Needles
Needles are pretty standard across different brands of sewing machines, and you'll find various sizes and types on the notions wall. The smaller the number, the thinner and more fragile the needle shaft. A needle with a smaller number also has a smaller eye. Try out various sizes on practice pieces before working on your quilt. A size 90/14 or a size 100/16 topstitching needle is a good choice for machine quilting, but experiment with different sizes to see what works best for your needs. (Compare Prices and Styles of Machine Needles

Marking Tools
You will need some way to mark the quilting lines you have chosen for your quilt. You'll find markers that fade over time, markers that wash away, chalk pencils, chalk pouncers and transfer paper (like carbon paper but usually with pastel colors). Quilting stencils and adhesive shapes that you can stitch around (and then remove) are two more choices. Whichever marking tool you buy, test it out on your scraps to see how it works before you use it on your quilt top. Pay close attention to how the marks are to be removed after quilting. Will the lines dust away? Will you need to wash your quilt to get the lines out? Always test your marking products before using them on a quilt.

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