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What Is a Quilting UFO?


Quilters have tagged a unique meaning onto the term UFO. To quilters, UFOs are not objects flying in the sky (unless we toss them around because they're so ugly). A UFO is an Unfinished Object -- the remnants of those quilts we start to make but never seem to finish.

You'll find UFOs tucked away in the bins and baskets of nearly every quilter, and we're not the only generation of quilters who have accumulated extra quilt blocks. Look for vintage quilts listed in online auctions, at estate sales and flea markets and you'll find blocks and quilt tops from lots of eras. Maybe you can help those UFOs find a new home and finally be completed -- or stored away for the next generation.

You're invited to join our Quilting Forum, where you'll hear much discussion about unfinished objects -- and even a swap or two.

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