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What Is an I Spy Quilt?


I Spy Quilt

Dani's I Spy Quilt

Quilt by Wendi Irons
Definition: An I Spy Quilt is made from fussy-cut fabrics, including children's prints and other types of novelty fabrics with motifs that depict objects the recipient can "spy" when looking at the quilt.

I Spy Quilts are often made from squares and rectangles, since those shapes are easy to fussy cut, but you'll also find I Spy quilts made with other patchwork shapes and quilt blocks.

Snowball quilt blocks are one popular choice for I Spy quilts, along with many other quilt designs.

You'll find an easy Snowball quilt on About.com Quilting (with examples of I Spy blocks) and several images of I Spy quilts on display in our quilting photo galleries -- see the links below.

I Spy Patterns

I Spy Quilts in the Quilting Photo Galleries

Be sure to view the pictures of I Spy quilts in the gallery to see how each quilter created a unique version of the concept.

Also Known As: Eye Spy Quilts
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