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How to Make 6-Sided Snowflakes


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How to Fold and Cut 6-Sided Snowflakes
How to Make Snowflakes

Cut Paper Snowflakes

Janet Wickell
Use the illustration as a guide to fold and cut paper snowflakes; click on the image for an expanded view. Numbers on the illustration match the numbers in steps below.

  1. Start with a square of paper. One quick way to create a square is to fold a rectangular sheet of paper diagonally, and then cut away the excess (see illustration). Fold the square in half once to create a rectangle.

  2. Fold the rectangle in half to create a square with four layers.

  3. Unfold the square, taking the paper back to its rectangular shape (Step 1). For Step 3, bring the paper's right and left sides inward vertically, matching edges to the center fold you created in Step 2.

  4. Open the paper to its rectangular shape again. Fold the left edge towards the right, angling it so that the bottom tip of the paper touches the fold nearest the right side of the rectangle (fold created in Step 3).

  5. Leave the new fold in place and fold the right edge of the rectangle over to match the angled edge on the left.

  6. Fold the new unit in half lengthwise, matching sides carefully as shown in Step 6.

  7. Cut away the bottom edge of the Step 6 unit, taking care to make the cut inward enough from the bottom so that all layers are included. The cut can be straight or angled.

  8. Make cuts into the sides and bottom of the folded paper. If you like, trim the top tip to create an opening in the center of the snowflake. Experimenting is the best way to learn which cuts work best. (See an illustration of the cuts used to make the fabric snowflake on the first page.)

  9. Unfold your snowflake and make another.

  10. Once you're happy with the shapes of paper snowflakes, move on to fabric snowflakes if you like.

A Few Ways to Use Fabric Snowflakes

  • Glue beads, glitter or other embellishments onto the snowflakes.
  • Spritz the snowflakes with several layers of starch to stiffen the fabric. Punch a small hole in the top of snowflakes and hang as holiday decor.
  • Use spray adhesive or another method to apply snowflakes to a larger piece of cloth. Embellish in any way you like.
  • Use small snowflakes as embellishments when you make fabric postcards.
  • Applique snowflakes onto any project -- begin with shapes that aren't terribly intricate.
You'll discover many other ways to use paper and fabric snowflakes. Use our quilt submission form to show us your snowflakes and snowflake projects.
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