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How to Make 6-Sided Snowflakes


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Get Ready to Make the Snowflakes
How to Cut a 6 Sided Snowflake

Cut a Fabric Snowflake

Janet Wickell

Snowflake Cutting Tips

Learn how to make 6-sided snowflakes, just like the snowflakes that fall from the sky. Each snowflake is unique, and you'll find that varying the number and type of cuts made into your folded paper or fabric creates a wide range of designs.

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

Practice making paper snowflakes before you switch to fabric. Regular printer paper works nicely, but newsprint and other lighter papers are easier to cut once they are folded into layers.

  • Inexpensive, unprinted tablets of newsprint are available at discount stores and stores that sell school supplies.
  • You can use old newspapers, too, if you don't mind getting your hands a bit dirty, or work with an even lighter material by cutting snowflakes from tissue paper.
  • Gift wrap paper can be used, but is not durable.

Cut 6-Sided Fabric Snowflakes

It can be tedious to make intricate cuts through many layers of fabric, and and fabric doesn't fold as crisply as paper. Quilting cottons work nicely.

For best results -- and easier cutting -- use small scissors that cut all the way to their pointed tips. Blunt edged scissors are a good choice for young children, and they easily cut tissue paper and parchment, but aren't the best choice for fabric.

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