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All About Quilting Fabrics

Use my tutorials to understand and work with your quilting fabrics. Learn how to do a burn test to identify unknown fibers, how to use fabric grain to improve the accuracy of your quilts, how to perform a bleed test, whether or not to pre-wash fabrics and much more.
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Should You Pre-Wash Your Quilting Fabrics?
We'll help you decide if it's best to pre-wash your quilting fabrics, or leave them unwashed until after the quilt is finished.

Get the Facts About Fabric Grain
Fabric grain is one of those quilting topics that you might not think is important, but the way you cut your fabric in relation to its grain can make or break a quilt.

How to Choose Colors and Fabrics for Quilts
New quilters are sometimes unsure if they're making the right fabric choices. Don't worry... these tips will help.

Do a Burn Test to Determine Fiber Content
Perform a burn test to help determine if a fabric is one made from cotton. If the fabric isn't cotton, our advice will help you decide what type of fibers the cloth contains.

How to Do a Fabric Bleed Test
Learn how to do a bleed test to make sure your quilting fabrics won't lose their colors in the wash.

How to Collect a Stash of Fabrics
Use our easy tips to help build a balanced stash of quilting fabrics.

More Stash-Building Tips
Read tips from online quilters who took a bit of time to tell us about their favorite stash-building methods.

Help Keep Quilting Fabrics from Fraying in the Wash
Use this quick tip to help keep your quilting fabrics from fraying in the washer and dryer.

Learn How to Cut Fabric Snowflakes
Use my easy instructions and illustrations to cut 6-sided snowflakes from fabric or paper.

Sally Fox: Inventor of Naturally Colored Cotton
An introduction to Sally Fox, inventor of FoxFiber, naturally-colored cotton.

Levi Strauss: History of Blue Jeans
A look back at the history of denim fabric.

Join a Fabric Swap in Our Quilting Forum
Our About Quilting forum members have a lot of fun swapping quilting fabrics, and you can join the fun, too.

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