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"Bead Creative Art Quilts," by Nancy Eha

Overview of "Bead Creative Art Quilts"

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Bead Creative Art Quilts, by Nancy Eha

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I think we often envision how beads would look on our quilts, but we don't give it a try because we aren't quite sure how to get what's in our heads onto the fabric. Nancy Eha's book, Bead Creative Art Quilts, gives you the tools you need to follow through with your ideas. And if you're not sure which way to go--that's okay, because Nancy offers plenty of patterns and ideas to get you started.

Beading Background

Nancy gives you in-depth basic beading instructions before starting you on a project. And they're not just instructions--the text is filled with essential been there, done that advice to make your beading as trouble-free as possible.

You'll learn how and where to buy beads and how to evaluate them. Which shapes are best for different projects. How to make the beadwork subtle or very noticeable. Which tools are essential for beading. And so much more.

Photos & Illustrations

The photos make you want to start beading--now--and the illustrations show you how. Drawings are amply sized and accompanied by step-by-step text. They show you exactly how to string your beads, position your needle and correct errors if necessary. Learn to stop and start the right way, and let yourself absorb all the techniques you need to make your work permanent.

Beading Techniques & Patterns

Instructions include:

  • beaded satin stitch
  • fringe
  • elevated beading
  • coils

You'll learn to write with beads. Set a cabochon. Make a beaded kaleidoscope. Create a large beaded image (and the teapot pattern in the book is fantastic).

I think my personal favorite is Nancy's beaded dragonfly--something I plan to use in my orange and pink challenge quilt.

You'll also learn how to finish the quilt using techniques that bring out its best features and keep it looking lovely for a very long time.

If you want to learn how to embellish your quilts with beads, this book is an excellent choice. Nancy's blend of creativity and technique is just right.

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