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Make Quilt Borders with Corner Squares


Measuring and Sewing Borders with Corner Squares
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Sewing borders with corner squares to a quilt.

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Sewing quilt borders with corner squares, sometimes called cornerstones, is a fast and easy way to add a little extra interest to your quilt. The corners can be cut quickly from plain squares of fabric, or can be made from patchwork or applique quilt blocks.

Determine the Size of Corner Squares

  • For pieced quilt blocks at corners, the unfinished width of borders should match the unfinished dimensions of the corner blocks.

  • To use squares of quilting fabric, choose a finished border width and add 1/2" for seam allowances. Cut fabric squares to match the size of the unfinished border width.

  • For corner squares that butt against multiple borders, calculate the finished size of each border strip then add 1/2" to the total to compensate for outermost seam allowances. Cut squares with sides that match the calculated width. (Remember to add seam allowances to individual strips widths before cutting borders.)

Measure for Borders and Add Corner Squares

  1. Measure the quilt through its vertical midpoint using the same technique necessary to add butted borders to a quilt. Construct two borders that length to use on the quilt's right and left sides. Set aside.

  2. Use the same technique to measure the quilt through its horizontal midpoint and construct two borders that length to use along the top and bottom edges of the quilt.

  3. Sew the side borders to the quilt using the instructions for butted borders.

  4. Sew corner pieces to each end of the top and bottom borders. Press seams towards the borders.

  5. Sew borders to the quilt, matching seams where side borders and corners meet and then matching along the entire edge.

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