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Yankee Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern


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Introduction the Yankee Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern
Yankee Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern

Yankee Puzzle Quilt Blocks

by Michelle

Yankee Puzzle Quilt Blocks

I guarantee you'll have fun making Yankee Puzzle quilt blocks, a design originally used for a swap in our Quilting Forum. That event is geared towards beginning quilt patterns and designs that make perfect scrap quilts (since many people submit blocks) but can be constructed as a quilt with more orderly fabrics if that's your style.

I think some readers are landing on this page in search of another quilt pattern -- here's a link to my jigsaw puzzle quilt.

How the Yankee Puzzle Quilt Block is Made

Each Yankee Puzzle block is made enitirely from four quarter-square triangle units. The units are a cinch to quick-piece, so the puzzle blocks go together quickly.

Finished Block Size: 6" x 6"

Choose Two Fabrics Choose one yellow fabric and combine it with another fabric of your choice:

Remember, these are the colors and combinations used for the forum event -- change fabrics as desired.

Yellow may be a solid, tone-on-tone or multi-color print that is predominantly yellow. Any shade of yellow or gold is fine.

Second fabric should be darker than your yellow (read Color Value Basics for contrast help).

Make Unique Quilt Blocks

If you are making multiple quilt blocks, each block should contain a unique combination of fabrics. You can repeat fabrics as long as each block combination is unique.

Cutting for One Block

  • two 4-1/4 inch squares yellow fabric
  • two 4-1/4 inch squares another fabric

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