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6" Scrappy Sixteen Patch Quilt Block Pattern


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Introduction to the Scrap Sixteen-Patch Quilt Blocks
16 patch quilt blocks

A group of nine sixteen-patch quilt blocks arranged side-by-side.

© Michelle
Does your stash need a bit of a cleanup? Making a batch of sixteen-patch quilt blocks is the perfect opportunity to get things in order. Each of the blocks is made up of 16 squares, but their bone structure is actually that of a four patch quilt block The photo shows nine sixteen patch quilt blocks.

Choosing Fabrics

The forum event for this quilt block is over. The fabrics our forum members used make a wonderful scrap quilt, but you can alter the selections to suit your own tastes.

You'll need sixteen 2" squares of 100-percent cotton, pre-washed fabric for each quilt block:

  • Exactly three (3) squares must be black, either a solid or a black-on-black print
  • Do not use white or cream fabrics in the block; prints with a white or cream background are fine
  • You must use at least four (4) fabrics in addition to the black
  • Your fabrics must be at least two (2) different colors (no monochromatic color schemes)

The block (and the use of the black squares to tie it all together) was inspired by Kate's setting for a batch of scrappy 16-patch swap blocks.

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