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Quilt Block Patterns: Sew Easy Pinwheel Quilt Blocks


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Make a Scrappy Pinwheel Quilt
pinwheel quilt

One layout idea for a Pinwheel Quilt

Drawing © Janet Wickell

The layout on this page illustrates one simple arrangement for pinwheel blocks, but the setting choices are endless.

Cutting for Additional Pinwheel Block Sizes

Sew with different square sizes to produce a variety of pinwheel block sizes; two light squares and two darks per block. Block sizes are finished sizes -- when you check the block for accuracy, it should measure 1/2" wider and taller than its finished size.

  • 1-7/8" squares produce 2" miniature blocks
  • 2-7/8" squares produce 4" miniature blocks
  • 3-7/8" squares produce 6" small blocks
  • 5-7/8" squares produce 10" blocks
  • 6-7/8" squared produce 12" blocks
  • 7-7/8" squares produce 14" blocks

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