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Double Four Patch Quilt Block Pattern


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Double Four Patch Quilt Blocks in Two Colorways
Double Four Patch Quilt Block Pattern

Double Four-Patch Quilt Blocks

Janet Wickell

Double Four Patch Quilt Block Pattern

This version of a double four patch quilt block was originally used for a block swap in the Quilting Forum. Sew with the suggested colors or change the fabrics to suit your needs.

The double four-patch quilt block is sewn in white and blue. Follow the instructions to make two blocks that each finish at 8-inches square. One quilt block is white with a blue pathway of squares along the diagonal and the other is its reverse, blue with a white pathway.

Choosing Fabrics for the Double Four Patch Quilt Block

Choose a tone-on-tone blue fabric or a print that reads as (looks like) blue from a distance. Your other fabric should be a white-on-white print. Fat quarters work perfectly for this block, and you'll have leftover fabric for more quilt block pairs or another project.

See the last page of this pattern for yardages and instructions to make 90 quilt blocks.

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