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Easy Quilt Block Patterns: Country Nine-Patch In a Square


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Introduction to the Country Nine Patch Block
Country Nine Patch Quilt Block

Possible fabric and color combinations for the Country Nine-Patch patchwork quilt block.

Illustration © Sophie Wood

This pretty Country Nine-Patch quilt block pattern was used in a swap on our quilting forum.

The block's nine patch center is placed on point by surrounding it with corner triangles. Our hostess envisioned a controlled scrappy look, using country fabrics -- think muted colors with muslin or cream solid backgrounds, but choose any theme you like to make the blocks.

A few tips to help you choose 'country' fabrics and colors:

  • Most Thimbleberries fabrics, or similar country prints, would work well for the darker nine-patch units and the outer corners.
  • For green, try Hunter green instead of spring green.
  • For red, try barn red instead of tomato red.
  • Use golds instead of yellows.
  • Try Wedgwood blue instead of bright blues.

Finished Block Size: 8-1/2" square

Nine-Patch Pairs

You'll make pairs of nine-patch blocks, and each block in a pair will contain the same fabrics, but their nine-patch centers will be configured differently.

Fabric Requirements for Each Pair of Quilt Blocks

  • Dark fabric: (3) 2-1/2" x 7-3/4" strips
  • Muslin: (3) 2-1/2" x 7-3/4" strips
  • Medium fabric: (4) 5-1/8" squares
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