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Make Attic Windows Quilt Blocks with an Oriental Theme


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Introduction to the Oriental Attic Windows Quilt Block
Attic Windows Quilt Block Pattern

Make Attic Windows Quilt Blocks

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Oriental Themed Attic Windows Quilt Block

The oriental-themed attic windows were originally used for an event in our Quilting Forum. Use the pattern to sew blocks for your own quilt.

Only three seams are required for each attic windows quilt block, and the motifs in oriental fabrics give you an opportunity to practice both fussy cutting and easy mitered corners.

Attic Windows Block Finished Size: 7-1/2" square

Fabrics Required for Each Attic Windows Quilt Block

(1) Oriental themed print: 6-1/2" x 6-1/2", fussy-cut if necessary to isolate a motif

(1) Tone on tone print in a coordinating color: 2" x 8" bar

(1) Black solid or black-on-black print: 2" x 8" bar

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