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Quick Pieced Quarter Square Triangle Units


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Make Basic Quarter-Square Triangle Units
Easy Quarter Square Triangle Units

Making Quarter Square Triangle Units from Half Square Triangle Units

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  1. Choose a finished size for your quarter-square triangle units. Add 1-1/4" to the finished dimension and cut two contrasting squares with sides of that size.

  2. Use the half-square triangle sandwich method to sew the squares together, then cut apart and press as directed to create two half-square triangle units.

  3. Turn one half-square triangle unit to its reverse side and draw a diagonal line from one corner to another -- the line will flow across the seam.

  4. Position the two triangle-square units right sides together, with contrasting triangles facing each other. Align patch edges carefully.

  5. Sew together with two seams placed 1/4" from each side of the drawn line, the same method used to create the parent units. Cut the squares apart on the line, press units open and trim away triangular nubs at the ends of the seam allowances.

You now have two basic quarter-square triangle units.

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