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Are you ready to be inspired? Then settle in and browse the thousands of pictures of quilts in our photo galleries, all sorted by type. Try a couple of my popular quilting quizzes and view helpful quilting videos, too. You'll also find links to our busy Quilting Forum, where you can join a quilting swap and become friends with quilters from around the world.
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Pictures of Quilts

2012 New Year's Day Mystery Quilt

What a talented group of quilters we have in our quilting community. Our quilt photo galleries are packed with thousands of pictures of quilts, and grow constantly as new quilts are added, so stop by often to see what's new. The last link in this category takes you to a form you can use to submit your quilt to the galleries.

Quilting Quizzes

Quilt Blocks

My quilting quizzes focus on information that will help you make a quilt. You'll see lots of designs (some are previews of patterns on the Quilting site), and get layout and design ideas to incorporate into your next project.

How to Join our Quilting Forum

Quilting Forums

Joining our quilting forums is free, quick and easy. Our General Quilting forum is the busiest place, pretty much of a quilt-central. The Art Quilts Forum is fairly quiet, but we have a group of quilters who visit it every day to share ideas.

Quilting Forum Messages

Quilting Forum

Discussions in our Quilting Forum are organized in folders to help keep topics orderly. Use these links to go straight to a topic that sounds interesting.

Tips from Other Quilters

Mystery Quilt Fabrics

Here's a collection of quilting tips and techniques, all favorite methods shared by the online quilting community. Find out which sewing machines quilters like best, read tips that help us stay frugal and much more. Do you have a quilting tip to share? Each page includes a link to help you do that.

Wedding Dresses

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

These wedding dresses might not be quilted, but they are indeed embellished with loads of applique and other handcrafted elements that quilters will all appreciate.

Quilter's Stories and Photos

Find out which techniques work best for other quilters and which sewing machines are their favorites. Read stories (and see photos) of first quilts. Find out what your fellow quilters are up to.

Community Quilting

Cancer Ribbon Quilt Block Pattern

A large percentage of quilters, including our Quilting Forum members, make comfort quilts for all sorts of purposes. Children in need, quilts for military personnel and their families, quilts to be auctioned for disease research, memorial quilts -- quilters are involved in all of those projects, and more. Please give them a round of applause for the work they do.

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