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Pictures of Quilts

Take a Walk Through Our Online Quilt Show


Take a look at the wonderful quilts on display in About.com Quilting's online quilt show. Thanks so much to everyone who has shared quilts for our galleries. Keep those quilt photos coming!

Show Us Your Quilts

Baby Quilts & Quilts for Kids

Keep on Truckin' Quilt by Stephanie
This photo gallery is packed with baby quilt pictures and photos of quilts made for older children. Take a look, maybe you'll get some great ideas for your next baby quilt.

Rag Quilts

Snow Wolf Rag Quilt by Ramona Collins
Yes! I finally have enough rag quilt photos to put them in a photo gallery all their own, but I know there are lots more examples out there. How about submitting a few of your favorite rag quilts so that we can ramp this gallery up just a tad?

Pictures of String Quilts

Quilt as You Go String Quilt
Quilt by Momof11
String quilts are assembled using freehand foundation piecing techniques. They're the perfect quilt to make from your leftover strips of fabric, and you can customize the quilt blocks in any way you like. Take a look at some of the string quilts made by members of the quilting community, and then use my directions to make your own quilt.

Miniature Quilts Photo Gallery

miniature quilt
Geese and Flowers Strippy Doll Quilt by Jennifer (mrseldoo)
All of these miniature quilts were made by members of the Online Quilting Community, with the majority designed and stitched for a swap among Quilting Forum members. Quilters will appreciate the creativity and hard work that went into the assembly of these little quilts.

Quilts with a Circular Theme or Motion

Quilt by LilyBee
Yes, I'm stretching a little here to create gallery topics for the quilt photos you've sent me. But all of these quilts do indeed have a circular pattern, theme or motion. Some would be regarded as art quilts, some traditional... all of them are lovely.

T-Shirt Quilts

Todd's Harley T-Shirt Quilt, by Marilyn
T-shirt quilts are a great way to create a memory quilt for your son, daughter, or any special person in your life. Give those old t-shirts a new life by making one of these fun quilts.

Log Cabin and Related Quilts

log cabin quilt
Sunflowers, Sunshine & Daisies Quilt by Margaret Handlin
You'll enjoy looking at these pictures of log cabin quilts, pineapple quilts and other similar quilts. Log cabin quilts are sometimes made using foundation piecing techniques, but they can be sewn in the traditional way. Freehand piecing is another popular assembly method for log cabin quilts.

Ugly Quilts Gallery

Janet's "What Was I Thinking?" Quilt
You might not think they're ugly, but that's how the quiltmakers have labeled these quilts, with some explanations about just why they aren't happy with the finished project. Sometimes we learn a lot more from the boo-boos than we do from absolutely "perfect" quilts, so be sure to take a look.

Scrap Quilts

Half-Square Triangle Quilt by Sewbeth
Browse through pictures of scrap quilts. Many are the result of block swaps in our Quilting Forum. All are gorgeous and might give you some inspiration for your next scrap quilt.

Scrap Quilt Basics

2009 New Year's Day Mystery Quilt Gallery

SPOILER ALERT: Some of our Quilting Community members have shared photos of their New Year's Day Mystery Quilts. Click through for a peek (unless you still plan to make it as a mystery).
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