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Children's Faces of Africa Quilt


Faces of Africa Quilt

Children's Faces of Africa

Quilt by Johanna Oosthuizen
From Johanna: I was born and raised in South African, but emigrated to Canada in 1991. Africa will always be a part of me, as everyone who has ever lived there or traveled there will tell you. The children of Africa are so amazing. It does not matter how hard life is for them, or how hungry they are, or what is happening in the world -- they are always smiling and always grateful for everything they have and everything they get.

My friend Riana loves children, and because she is a very special friend to me I decided to make her this quilt as a gift. It is a wall hanging and Riana did not want me to put a pocket at the back to hang it on a rod because she has not yet decided if she would want to use a nice thick tree branch with clips to hang it from or maybe something else.

I have printed the pictures on cotton, tea dyed them, and when they were dry I painted some of the colours back with fabric paint and fabric paintsticks, and then free-motion quilted the blocks with my machine.

The Masai girl's necklace was hand embroidered by me in French knots and the headpiece I did with metallic silver DMC thread in chain stitch and satin stitch.

I am still a rookie quilter. I have only been quilting for four years and mostly in the winter time here in Canada -- summer is so short that we enjoy the outdoors as much as we can during this time.

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