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No matter how you spell it, T Shirt quilts or Tee Shirt quilts, you'll find plenty of inspiration in our T Shirt quilts photo gallery, and might be surprised by the wide variety of layouts created by members of the online quilting community.

Shirt quilts make wonderful memory quilts, so I hope to convince my daughter to allow me to dig in and cut up the T Shirts she wore over the years. She's a bit sentimental, so we haven't quite gotten there yet, but I think she's almost ready. Creating a T Shirt quilt from her mementos is the next best thing to being able to wear the shirts again.

How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt

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T-Shirt QuiltMary Kate's T-Shirt QuiltT-Shirt QuiltKorie's College QuiltT-Shirt QuiltsJeremy's T-Shirt Quiltt shirt quiltSarah's State Champ Quilt
Breast Cancer T-Shirt QuiltBreast Cancer T-Shirt QuiltT-Shirt QuiltRoland's Running QuiltHarley Davidson T-Shirt QuiltHarley Davidson QuiltBreast Cancer T-shirt QuiltBreast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt
T-Shirt QuiltACE Cheerleading T-Shirt QuiltT-Shirt QuiltMusic to Quilt ByT-Shirt QuiltHunter's Sports TsT-Shirt QuiltCollege Quilt
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