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Pictures of Scrap Quilts by Members of the Online Quilting Community


Take a look at pictures of scrap quilts made by members of the online quilting community. You'll see a wide variety of quilts here, and maybe find inspiration for your next scrap quilt.

Any quilt pattern can be used to make a scrap quilt. Don't worry too much about the colors used to make a scrap quilt. Instead, pay more attention to contrast among the patches, because contrast allows designs to either emerge or blend. To learn more about contrast, read Color Value for Quilters.

A quick look at a basic color wheel explains color dominance, an important ingredient when designing a quilt.

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Cozy Country QuiltCozy Country QuiltScrap Quilt PicturesSpecial Love Scrap QuiltScrap QuiltsScraps and Orphans QuiltScrap QuiltsRibbon Star Scrappy Lap Quilt
Scrap QuiltsConfusion Scrap QuiltScrap QuiltsApple Core Scrap QuiltScrap QuiltsStar Of The Orient Scrap QuiltScrap QuiltsSassafrass Leaves Scrap Quilt
Star QuiltJust Do It QuiltMaple Leaf QuiltMaple Leaf QuiltPinwheel QuiltFenced In Pins Quiltchurn dash quiltChurn Dash for All Seasons
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