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Jodee's Dog Quilt

Rag Quilt by RoofingPrincess

Jodee's Dog Quilt

From RoofingPrincess: Each of the very light squares in this rag quilt is a picture of one of my sister Jodee's dogs. They were printed directly onto the fabric.

My sister runs a "senior dog sanctuary" at her hobby farm in Wisconsin. She takes in dogs who have been brought to the local Humane Society because they are old and sick, and their owners don't want to care for them any more. Because of their condition, they're not candidates for normal adoption, so the society calls Jodee. At any time, she usually has about 14 dogs.

A friend of Jodee's, who also runs a dog rescue, makes rag quilts as a fundraiser for her operation. She sells squares on the quilts to dog owners, for a fee (their dog's picture is incorporated) and then she auctions off the finished quilt.

I asked Jodee if she'd like a rag quilt with all of her dogs on it. We collaborated online, she picked out potential fabrics, and then I went to my local store and chose the actual fabrics from her proposals based on how they actually looked together.

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